Thursday, August 15, 2013

Grilled Turkey & Mushroom Pesto Burgers

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post, but you know I wouldn't tell you about 
something unless I thought it was completely and utterly fabulous.

Summer may be winding down (I don't believe it either) but grilling season sure isn't.  I'm so pleased to have partnered up with Mushrooms Canada and Turkey Farmers of Canada on their e-cookbook Get Your Grill On With Turkey & Mushrooms.  Inside are 20 recipes from really great Canadian food bloggers and I'm thrilled to be among them, sharing my Grilled Turkey & Mushroom Pesto Burgers.  You may remember the incredible Thai Turkey Salad Rolls with Enoki Mushrooms and Peanut Sauce I created earlier this summer to help kick off this great campaign.  Happily you can find this burger recipe there too!  It's got great built-in mushroom and pesto flavour and it's been a huge favourite all summer around here.  Grill On! 

For this and other delicious recipes you can download the free e-book from the Tasty Turkey facebook page here or the Mushrooms Canada facebook page here.


  1. Oh wow Renee! This is a great-looking burger. Going to grab some ground turkey (and bacon) for the weekend.

  2. Put pesto on anything and I'm happy! This burger recipe is absolutely perfect for grilling, any time of year. Thanks again for being part of this promotion! It was wonderful to see all of the creativity from so many talented bloggers.


    1. I agree on the pesto! Yum.
      Awesome grill marks too :)

  3. Another amazing work of art! Many thanks for this mouth-watering recipe. Enjoy your break from blogging, but be sure to come back when you're refreshed! All the best. :)


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