Friday, August 2, 2013

Mid-Summer Favourite Things

Holy.  I mean holy.  When the heck did it all of a sudden become the mid-point of summer.  Not to freak y'all out, but time is ticking.  So. Let's keep things short and sweet.  It's the long weekend after all, and you're probably miles away from a computer.  My weekend is fine balance of work and play, and the garden is turning into quite the jungle, so it's time I pick the beans!  And the chard!  And the raspberries!  And if I have any gumption left there are always weeds that need to be shown who's the boss.  However, I just discovered I have free Superchannel for 3 months and wouldn't you know that Season 2 of Homeland is there, as is Season 5 of Sons of Anarchy.  I think both you and I know how much weeding will be getting done. 

Without further ado, I've compiled some stuff I'm digging lately and I thought you might enjoy too.   If you like, leave me a link in the comments section to something you're loving too.  I'll be back soon with a recipe showcasing greens - chard or beet or kale, as the garden is bursting with them.  Don't worry, I know I'm lucky.  Have a safe and happy long weekend.  I hope there is ice cream and shooting stars involved. xoxo Renée

Best commercial, ever.  

Movies about food.  I'm into it.

Want to read this.  And this.
Go mint?  Make this

I want to meet this dude, too.  

It's time to preserve!  Here are some tips and tricks.  

These lentil meatballs are making me hungry.

Next time I make hummus, I'm gonna try this method

I always enjoy these weekend meditations.  

Sweet Lord, this BLT looks insane. 

A most beautiful post about pizza, but I can't stop thinking about that Joan Didion quote. 

So many great movies are screening at TIFF this year.  Watch the trailers! 

15 Instagram accounts you should follow.  Well, make that 16, wink wink.
When I'm washing the dishes, this is playing, loud. 

This post gave me goosebumps. 

My boyfriend (and yours too) on being a total badass.   

Tricky food trivia!  I got 4 right...

Toad The Wet Sprocket has a new song! And it's really good! 


  1. Great list of stuff! I especially liked the Toad song. Brings back memories. Happy rest of summer to you.

  2. Great list! I hope you indulged in a Homeland marathon and skipped the weeding. Life is short. Which reminds me, that really is a lovely quote by Joan Didion.

  3. Renee, I'm so jealous that your garden is bursting as it is! Wow! We've had such cold that our garden is a bit sad these days. At least I can live vicariously, right?
    Thanks for sharing your great list of favorites too!

  4. Marie - thank you! It's a great song, isn't it?! :)
    Shelley - Alas, no Homeland, but no weeding either. Where does the time go? That's one of the best quotes, ever. Hope you are enjoying these sweet summer days :)
    Erin - Sorry about your chilly's nice and mild here, not a real scorcher, which I like. Had beans and chard the other night - so good. So lucky! Hope things warm up for you in California :)

  5. I love post like this, and I think we could be very good TV watching buddies. We're completely into Ray Donovan this summer - it just started a few weeks ago - so good so far. Also, I loved Homeland...can't wait for season 3!

    1. We would make the best tv buds. And think of the snacks!

  6. Oh my! That commercial! That list! Brilliant.

    1. Thanks lady! I kind of love putting these lists together :)

  7. Thanks for sharing the boozy cherries! I ADORE Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. That Jerry Seinfeld knows what he's doing.


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