Friday, October 19, 2018

Flaxseed and Apple Brown Butter Blondies

"When you pay attention, even the constants in life are changing." ~ Brooke Semple I'm interrupting my bonkers busy schedule to say hi and to tell you about these fabulous blondies I made recently. I love them so much I made about 750 pieces for a catering gig tomorrow. That's right - 750. If you're curious, that equals about twenty two 9x13 pans. I was basically a machine when I whipped them up all on one day this past week. But, my house smelled like brown butter and apples, so that's a win! If you're in Saskatoon, pop by the Saskatoon Farmers' Market tomorrow (Sat October 20th) where I'll be sampling the blondies, and beef and lentil meatballs (yes, 750 meatballs too!!), from 10-12. This is all to celebrate AgMonth in Saskatchewan and I'm a proud partner with Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan for the event. Follow along on my social media to see posts profiling farmers and producers, my favourite foods, food stories and lots more. It's a fantastic initiative to get people thinking about where our food comes from, and to celebrate those who make it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Get Seasonal: One Pot Pumpkin Macaroni and Cheese

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated financially by Barilla Canada, but all the opinions are my own.  

Everyone loves macaroni and cheese. It’s classic comfort food at its best, and because World Pasta Day is October 25th, I thought I would switch it up my favourite mac and cheese with seasonal pumpkin and sustainable split red lentils. Don’t worry - the end result is still bowls of delicious mac and cheese goodness with the bonus points for added nutrition. Another pasta event happening in October is the Barilla Pasta World Championships in Milan, Italy from October 23rd -25th. This year’s edition is the seventh annual competition, and it’s exciting because for the second time ever, a Canadian chef is competing. Chef Angela Villalta from Toronto is representing Canada, and I’m sending her all sorts of winning vibes.

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