Thursday, July 18, 2019

Tiki Time: Barbecued Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs with Pineapple

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Raise your hand if you've eaten a hot dog this summer. Of course you have. Now, have you had one wrapped in bacon, grilled until it's perfectly crispy, slathered in barbecue sauce, and snug in a bun with grilled pineapple and diced red onion? If you haven't, then you've come to the right place for a little tiki-inspired hot dog! This recipe is the third installment of my partnership with Grimm's Fine Foods this summer, and I'm so pleased I get to bring you the very best ideas on how to use their excellent products. They are always gluten, lactose and soy free, with no MSG added and contain no fillers or sketchy bi-products. And, they are made in Canada! Grimm's uses a trusted family recipe for the European Wieners and they start with selecting premium cuts of pork and beef and blending them together with the perfect amount of spices & seasonings. It doesn't get better than that. 

It's no secret that I love bacon, and here it has elevated the hot dog to the next level. You'll want to move the wiener around the grill until you find that sweet spot of low, even heat where the bacon cooks evenly and crispy, just not too quickly. When they're done cooking, slather with your favourite barbecue sauce and grill a little longer until the sauce caramelizes with the bacon. Glory be, that's a good thing. Snuggle the bacon-wrapped European wieners into toasted buns and topple on the toppings. I'm one of those people that loves pineapple and ham together on a pizza, and I adore the sweet, grilled pineapple on this hot dog, hence the tiki inspiration. The red onion has a balanced sharpness and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Bite after bite, I fell in love with this creative, playful twist on the traditional hot dog. Plus, any time I can bust out the drink umbrellas is a good time. 

Barbecued Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs with Pineapple

6 Grimm's European Wieners
6 pieces of bacon
1/2 cup barbecue sauce
half of 1 pineapple
1 Tbsp canola oil
1/2 red onion, finely diced
6 hot dog buns

1. Preheat the grill to medium-low.
2. Wrap the bacon around the Grimm's European Wieners and secure the bacon to the wiener with a tooth pick. Be sure to push the toothpick in all the way so it doesn't burn.
3. Brush the pineapple half with the canola oil.
4. Place the wieners and the pineapple on the grill and cook until the bacon is crisp and the pineapple has some charred bits. This takes about 8-10 minutes.
5. Dice the grilled pineapple and carefully remove the toothpicks from the hot dogs before serving. Load up the hot dog buns with the hot dogs, grilled pineapple and diced red onion. Serve immediately.

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