Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Twelve Things You Need To Make This Summer

I've been scrolling through my recipe archives lately, and it's pretty neat to see how far I've come since 2011.  It's sort of like looking back at your high school yearbook and thinking oh god I really had glasses that big.  Oh, but there's some good stuff hiding in these archives.  I've pulled out some of my favourites that I know I must make this re-summer and thought you might be interested.  The next couple of weeks are busy busy - I'm road trippin' to see my mom and sis and sweet nieces for a few days, then heading over to Regina to meet up with other food writers from across Canada.  Canadian Lentils is hosting us for a couple of days - we'll be touring lentil fields, and a processing plant and having a hands on cooking demo with Chef Michael Smith.  I'm beyond excited!  I'll be seeing friends I haven't seen in a long time, and I get to show off my beloved prairie to them. A grand adventure is waiting to be had.  That's what summer is all about, right?  But before I leave I wanted to share these hot weather gems with you.  I'll be back with a new post in a couple of weeks.  In the meantime, Happy Canada Day to all my crazy Canucks and Happy 4th to my American pals.  Talk to you soon.  Renée xoxo

Remember that time I stuffed zucchini blossoms with bocconcini and lemon?  Me too!  One of my favourite blog moments ever.

French toast with peaches and mozzarella?  Yes, please.  

One of my favourite things to do is pick raspberries while still warm from the sun.  Most often they end up getting popped into my mouth just like that, but sometimes I save them for glorious desserts like this tart.

There's going to come a point this summer when you may have too much zucchini on your hands.  You have to make these fritters!  My pal Chelsey gave me the recipe ages ago.  Big thumbs up.  

I was on local morning television this week (!!!) and I made this panna cotta - swapping in a bit of rhubarb for some of the strawberries.  It was delightful.  Going out of my comfort zone once in a while does me good!  

This is a light, if unusual salad.  Watermelon and feta?  Who would have thought?  Summer in a bowl, right there. 

That time I made a S'more Birthday Cake for my mom, with seven minute frosting no less.  Oh, and ganache too! 

Peaches and tomatoes make a beautiful salad.  Especially with fresh mozzarella and basil.  One of the best things I ate last summer.  

Clearly, I have a thing for peaches.  Big time.  These were stuffed with almonds and baked.  Oh Lordy! 

Strawberry shortcake is a must this summer, as is sipping yummy boozy bevvies.  This post has both!

And last, but certainly not least, because I'm heading out on the highway, it's only fitting I share this post.  Happy and safe travels to y'all!


  1. Mmm... stuffed squash blossoms. This rainy Ohio summer is producing so many blossoms that'll we'll be having them often. :)

  2. So much inspiration here! I love the look of that s'mores cake. Also... so sad to miss seeing you all next week, but my four-month-old and I decided I probably shouldn't go away from him yet. :)


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