Monday, September 15, 2014

Sweet & Smoky Turkey Sloppy Joes

Mid September means most of us are back to school, back to work, back to reality, as it were.  I don't know about you, but every once in a while I close my eyes thinking it's still a lazy summer afternoon and all is just so right in the world.  This is a month of transition, in so many ways.  Work, weather, relationships.  There's lots on the go here, as I'm sure there is where you are, too.  Meals need to be thrown together faster than you can say "New episode of The Mindy Project! Hooray!".  And that's where these sloppy joes come to the rescue.  They are full of flavour and the sauce comes together while you whip up a quick coleslaw on the side.  Be sure to grab some fresh rolls, and there you are.  Dinner under thirty minutes, leaving you time to chauffeur the little ones to their activities, or get back into that yoga class (hey there yoga mat, nice to see you again) or just settle in for the night, because all of your favourite shows are back.  Can I just say thank goodness they finally adapted the wonderfully smutty Outlander series for TV.  Thank you Showtime for making my Sunday evenings that much better. 

For full recipe, please head on over to the Turkey Farmers of Canada website.  


  1. Keeping it on the light side for fall. We so need these recipes now that the evenings are cooler.

  2. Renee, yes a time of transitions indeed! I do want to slow down and pretend it's still summer, but I'm also enjoying the changing light and the crisper autumnal breezes.
    Do you know I've never tried a Sloppy Joe. Yep, it's true.Yours looks delish, of course!

  3. Your photography causes open mouth drooling. Thanks Renee for another delish option for quick weekday meals.

  4. Stacy - Thanks lady!
    bellini - Indeed. I love the changing colours, though.
    Erin - I love the autumn light. There's nothing like it. Enjoy your first sloppy joe!
    Allyson - Thanks for the opportunity to create this recipe for Turkey Farmers of Canada. Always a pleasure :)


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