Thursday, August 28, 2014

How to Cook Lobster and Not Be Afraid

You guys.  I know.  Cooking lobster can scare the bejeezus out of you.  I've been there.  For my latest article in Culinaire Magazine, I spent the afternoon in my friend Lindsey's kitchen while she cooked the sea beast, tore it apart and extracted the sweet meat.  I was a fraidy cat before, but now I know I can do it all by myself, shall the occasion happen to fall upon me.  And you can too!!!  It's really not so bad.  And seeing as Labour Day is here already, why not try your hand at it this weekend?  This salad was worth all of the effort, believe me.  And this dip is crazy good too.  Read on for the recipes and step by step instructions.  Good luck.   And have a safe and happy weekend. 


  1. We BBQ our lobster now! Game. Changer.

  2. We're having lobster tonight! We used to cook ours at home all the time, but none of the Beaucoups have big lobster pots anymore. We always buy ours at Ryers Lobster in Indian Harbour, Nova Scotia! They have massive pots of boiling water and you simply place your order by phone or in person, and pick up your tasty crustaceans! It is a MAGICAL place. You can buy 'em live to, but then you'd need to have a kitchen big enough for a lobster pot…


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