Friday, April 25, 2014

Favourites List: Spring Edition

I love these boots.  Pulled on, they make me powerful.  I splash through puddles like it's nobody's business.  And I need them.  Lately, it's been a mix of rain, snow, rain some more and then just for fun, maybe some snow.  I used to love wearing rubber boots as a kid, though I have very vivid memories of getting stuck in the mud and having to leave the boot behind, lying there like a wounded soldier.  Tears rolling down, walking back to the house covered in mud, calling for my mom.  But, like Winnie the Pooh said, "When you see someone putting on his Big Boots, you can be pretty sure an Adventure is going to happen." Adventures await.  They always do.  Here's to yours and mine and until then, take a peek at these things I'm currently crushing on.  

Oh mother nature, you so smart. 

The onion is my favourite!

What your literary favourites ate. 

Who are your most Ten Important People?

Food.  Cut in half.  It's a thing. 

I need to read more of her.
Beth's blog.  I never miss a post and neither should you.  

Oh happy day!  Butter is back!

Tahini on toast.  You know you want it. 

I NEED this refrigerator

Judy Blume and Lena Dunham.  Enough said. 

I'm featured in the current issue of Flavours Magazine.  My day job!

This falafel has my name all over it. 

Who else wants a cream puff right now?  Right? 

Now you know how to make Kouign Amann.  Send me some, okay? 

This post about aging got me all verklempt.  It's lengthy, but worth it.

I read this years ago, diving in again.  

Lip Sync Battle!

And I thought I liked my cats. 

You've never seen Game of Thrones characters like this.

Paul Rudd?  Sign me up!  

Cat ladies everywhere covet this rolling pin.  Present company included. 

This song.  Because we can all use a little more sun. 

Happy Spring, friends. 

Isn't this old church great?  It's my favourite sight on the highway to my sister's place.  
Usually I just speed on by, only giving it a little nod, but this time I stopped.  
In the middle of nowhere, it's a beauty. 

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