Monday, February 10, 2014

Three Whole Years: The Best Of (So Far).

This blog's third anniversary quietly slipped by at the end of January.  Three years!  Already!  Seems just yesterday I was fumbling my way around here, not knowing anything about anything in blogland.  Going through the archives has been a trip - I sometimes cringe at those early photos taken in bad light with poor composition, but am proud of how far my photos have come since then.  I laugh at some posts, thinking my God, did I really say that?  I look at the recipes, and think, holy cow, that was really good, I should make it again soon.  I read your sweet comments, and know that you guys are the reason I keep writing and photographing and whipping up the creations I do.  I'm still learning and fumbling and evolving around here.  Thanks for being along for the ride!  I hope the next three years are just as rewarding and exciting, full of good food, tantalizing photos, adventures and a good measure of cat talk.  Believe me when I say the opportunities that have come my way because a girl in Saskatoon likes to photograph and write about the food she makes in her little green kitchen have been a blessing.  Truly.  I am humbled. 

Sit back for a little trip through the archives.  These are some of my favourite posts that stand out for a variety of reasons.  I know you don't have all day, so I kept the list short and sweet!

The post that changed it all.  Who knew the photo of these breakfast tacos would be featured in the National Post, front page of the Arts section no less, in April 2012.  I still feel a huge swell of gratitude when mentioned as one of Canada's best food bloggers.  This photo was quickly taken on a Saturday morning in March; I was heading out of town to an Aunt's birthday party and just threw everything together in that early morning light.  It's one of my favourite photos ever and is also on my business cards. 

This post is still extremely popular.  People love fried artichoke dip, apparently.  Same deal as above.  Photo was quickly taken because I was also making this lentil curry and needed to finish taking photos of it as well.  I remember it being quite a busy Sunday, but for whatever reasons, the stars must have aligned because both posts were terribly good to me.

If you google lentil and chickpea curry, my post comes up as #2.  #2!!!

That time I made sauerkraut with my mom and sister is also a favourite.  We didn't do it this past fall and we all miss the jars of kraut now.  Hopefully this year we'll make a batch again, not that I help out much besides babysitting and taking photos. 

This post reminds me of summer; a healthy, productive garden; walking barefoot in the dirt and a thunderstorm rumbling off into the distance.  I haven't had a bumper crop of zucchini like that ever again, but when I do I'll be sure to make these stuffed zucchini flowers.  

This post about grilled cheese also went kind of bonkers.  Who knew putting fig jam, bacon and brie between slices of fried bread would stir such passions?  Also, a butter company was using this image on their facebook page without my permission.  A tip from a reader in Britain gave me the heads up.  Stealing isn't cool!

I love writing the Thanksgiving posts - mostly because I try to feel gratitude every day of my life, but it's really brought home for me around Thanksgiving.  Also, for whatever reason, the pumpkin posts are really popular.  And pretty!  I love the photos of this maple cream cheese pumpkin roll. I think at this point I was using my iPhone exclusively for photos, as my point and shoot broke on me.  I'm still using the iPhone 5 until I put my big girl panties on and buy a DSLR. 

Peaches.  Yeah, I kind of love them a lot. In either rustic tart form, or baked up with ground almonds, I love love love me some peaches.  I think I write about peach juice running down to my elbows every summer. 

Remember that time I made apple butter from the crabapples in the backyard?  And I never fell off the ladder!

Croissant French Toast.  That's all you need to know.  Also, I've baked cakes, fried French toast, cooked up sausages & kraut all in my trusty cast iron skillet.  It's my favourite piece of kitchen equipment.

That time I nearly burned my house down because the butter overfloweth in the oven while baking this bread.  Smoke alarm city!

Who can forget that time I cooked for a bunch of travel writers, in an RV with no running water?!!?  For an entire weekend.  This pecan pie saved my sanity.

Speaking of travel...going to Washington State and hanging out in Seattle with other like-minded food bloggers was absolutely awesome.  Life highlight, right there.

But hitting the dirt roads to my cousin's farm has also been a joy in the summer - especially when I get to pick cherries and pet the kitties.

These flourless banana-chocolate concoctions came about just as I was switching up my career to gluten-free pastry chef.  Best thing I did in 2013.  

That time my mom made me doughnuts to soothe a broken heart.  You guys have seen me at my best and worst.

Ending on a happy note (must always end on a happy note) and because Valentine's Day is coming up real quick -  this was my sixth post ever - about chocolate and Prince and being with those who love the bones off you, no matter what.  The photos make me wince a bit, but the sentiment makes me smile.  

Thanks for reminiscing with me and tagging along for the journey.  I can't wait to see where we go to next.  xoxo Renée 


  1. So great, Renee! How much fun to look back and I love the favourites you shared. So glad I got to take that trip with you. Great memories, indeed. Here's to many more years!

  2. Congratulations on three wonderful years of inspiring and entertaining writing, recipes, and photos!! I'm looking forward to more, and following along (as always).

  3. Congrats on three year Ren!!! I've loved watching your journey and can't wait to see what you do next!

  4. Congrats on your third anniversary! I'm so glad that I discovered your site through Instagram. Cheers to many more years!

  5. Jennifer - Thanks lady! I'm so glad we got to meet in Washington. Time for a reunion me thinks :)
    Donna - Thank you so much! Glad to have you along :)
    Candus - You're so sweet - thank you!
    Sonya - Thank you! So glad to have discovered your Instagram feed as well - so inspiring!

  6. Congratulations on three years! I loved this post, so many tasty highlights. I hadn't seen that grilled cheese post before.. holy cow that sounds good. Here's to many more years of eating, photographing and sharing!

  7. I love your blog! Everything you make looks so good; I wish you were my personal chef. :-)

  8. Hi Renee, congrats on your 3 years of amazing, delightful, yummy and delicious savory and sweet labors of love. You are the best cousin ever and I enjoy our times together. Keep up the fabulous work and Saskatoon and the country will see many good things come from your little green kitchen.. Denise

  9. Happy birthday! I'm glad you like to cook and photograph your food in your little green kitchen.. :)

  10. Happy 3rd Birthday, Renee! Keep on rockin' it. We want more:)

  11. Stephanie - Thanks lady! That grilled cheese is insane! Do it :)
    Stacy - You are too kind, thank you :)
    Denise - Sweet cousin of mine, thank you. xoxo
    Julie - Me too! Thanks lady :)
    Erin - Hooray! Thank you so much! xoxo


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