Friday, April 14, 2017

Mini Eggs and Book Tour Stuff

It's Easter weekend, and whether you're up to your eyeballs in coloured eggs with the kids or having some much-deserved chill time with Netflix and those darn addictive (and pretty!) Mini Eggs, I hope your time off is treating you well, so far.  I'm doing that combination work/play thing this weekend, but Mini Eggs will be present at both ventures.  Seriously.  Can't stop.  And look!  They match the cover of my book perfectly.  I'm in love!  I was teasing Tree, the designer of the book, that those tasty eggs were the inspiration for the colour palette of the book... turns out I wasn't too far off the mark on that one as she is a fellow member of the Can't Stop Eating Mini Eggs Support Group.   

So, it's just ten days until the official publication of All the Sweet Things!  Woo hoo!  I'm going crazy over here with excitement.  The publisher (TouchWood Editions I love you) sent over some boxes of books, which was amazing.  The nice Canada Post guy was like, they're really heavy, and I'm like, I wrote a cookbook!  He helped me carry the boxes to my door and the cats took no time at all inspecting the new cargo.  Of course I carefully opened the boxes and proceeded to cry.  It's quite the feeling to see them all stacked together like that.  One I'll never forget.  Then I cracked a few open just to inhale that new book smell.  Glorious!

While the pub date is still ten days away, I'm so glad that the book is on store shelves and some of you have received your preorders and are already baking.  Woo hoo!  Keep the emails and Instagram photos and Tweets coming!  I'm gearing up for a book tour and am starting to plan the treats I want to take along to the signings.  I hope to see you there!  My mom and I are baking Cinnamon Twists and Butterhorns this weekend.  Both recipes freeze super well, and I think everyone is going to love them at the book launch in Saskatoon on April 24th.  Regina, Lloydminster, Edmonton and Calgary I'm coming to see you soon!  Check the My Cookbook tab above for all of the details.  Now, somebody come over and take those Mini Eggs away from me.  Happy Easter!  xoxo RenĂ©e

****Please note that the Indigo signing on May 13th has been cancelled due to a scheduling conflict.


  1. Congratulations on your cookbook! An amazing accomplishment. I read about it on Jennifer's blog - Seasons & Suppers. LOVE your blog too!

    1. Thank you, Tricia! Jennifer's blog is gorgeous - so glad you took the time to come visit my blog!


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