Wednesday, January 25, 2017

On the Mend: Mushroom Soup Gratinée

Today marks three weeks since I've been sick as a dog, and I finally, finally feel like my old self, minus a bit of a dry cough at night and the odd sniffle.  But, I feel about 97.66% normal.  Fist pumping the air, as we speak.  I'm still trying to take it easy, and will continue on my strong Vitamin game, as well as oil of oregano, and my handy dandy neti pot.  I've also been drinking this little elixir I've been making with powdered reishi and chaga mushrooms.  There's a store in our Farmers' Market which has all sorts of health products, and mushrooms, especially these two, are known for their strong anti-viral properties.  I just stir the powder into hot water and drink up.  It certainly has helped kick the virus' butt.  Yay mushrooms!

Speaking of which, I've made a soup recipe over on the Mushrooms Canada Blog.  If you love French Onion Soup, you'll love this Mushroom Soup Gratinée.  It's full of mushrooms, (and red wine!), a good broth and of course that cheesy crouton which pretty much makes this soup divine.  I've eaten so much soup this past month and this is one of my favourites.  Find the recipe here.  I hope you're all staying healthy and well.  Take care out there! 

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