Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Hello & A How-To

Oh my word.  It has been ages since I last checked in here.  Please forgive?  You know how life sometimes takes over and you just don't want to turn the computer on?  Yeah.  I got that happening right now.  But never fear, it's all good things, which I'll fill ya in on soon.  In the meantime, take a look at my latest article in Culinaire magazine (pg 23-24).  If you've ever wondered how to make beef carpaccio all by your little ol' self, I have all of the tips and tricks you need.  Plus a few recipes.  It's good stuff.  Hope everyone is enjoying these glorious spring days.  I admit to spending a little time in the garden tonight, admiring the rhubarb.  As you should.  Chat soon.  Renee xoxo


  1. i keep trying to admire my rhubarb - but it doesn't seem to have come up's always slow so i am hoping that the extra days of cold weather have just delayed it more than usual but i am very afraid that it may not have survived the winter....oh woe!

  2. Your carpaccio article is fab and the photos are so pretty!

  3. Wow those look wonderful!


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