Monday, March 18, 2013

A Few Favourite Things For the Last Days of Winter

Hey guys, hope you are having a happy Monday.  It's been ages since I've shared some stuff I'm loving lately, so today is your lucky today!  I will be back later in the week with a scrumptious Angel Food Cake I whipped up for an early Easter celebration we held yesterday.  To be honest I just polished off a piece (before dinner - I'm horrible) and it's quite fabulous.  So, have a grand week - don't forget to celebrate the first day of Spring on Wednesday.  I'm still staring at five foot snowbanks in the yard, but eventually Spring will come to Saskatoon.  And I will be ready for it!

I love this blog and these muffins. 
  This tart reminds me I need to eat more millet. 

This dude reminds me I need to dance more. 

Ever wanted to make your own mustard?

Selling books to Johnny Cash. 

These salty-top brownies.

I love how butternut squash and tahini make a pretty cool spread.  

In Downton Abbey withdrawal?  Don't fear, they are on facebook. 

I need to eat more meatballs...

These cookies have to be in my life (and my belly!)

Food photography to blow the mind. 

I think caramel could be the best thing to happen to apple pie. 

Have you heard of the haskap berry?  I can't stop eating these nutritional dynamos! 

And finally, I can't believe I'm going to be here in less than a month!

Up where he doesn't belong.  (But he's cute so he gets away with it.)


  1. Great list Renee! You've given me some wonderful ideas for the next baking project. And your cat is just so cute :)

  2. So excited for FBC toooo. Going to check out some of those links.. maybe I need millet in my life too

  3. Jackie - thanks! I'm dying to make that apple pie:)
    Stephanie - I'm so looking forward to meeting you in real actual life. How fun is that going to be?! I've had a jar of millet on my shelf for a little while now and I think that tart might just be the best vehicle for it.

  4. Great links Renee, thank you. Have a wonderful time in Ontario, say "hello" to the Hockley Valley for me, it's a beautiful spot.

  5. Woops, didn't mean to delete that! Nice post! I enjoyed the links and the kitty. :)

  6. Donna - I am SO excited to get away and visit a part of Ontario I've never been to. It's going to be awesome :)
    Agi - thank you. He is a sweetheart. You should see him chew the daffodils though :)

  7. Your kitty is such a cutie! And Hockley Resort looks terrific- looks like a great place for some r&r.


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