Friday, July 6, 2012

While I'm Away...

I'm taking a breather from the pool and the sun and the booze (tough life on holiday, hey?) to say hi from sunny sunny Windsor. While I am missing my garden (oh I hope I've not missed the lilies opening) and my handsome man (hi honey!) I'm having the time of life here.  No recipes from me today, just a list of things I'm loving lately.  I'll write again, once i get settled back into life at home.  There will be a jungle of weeds and emails and needy cats to tend to, but I'll fill you in on the trip in no time. 

First off, how glorious are my Oriental Poppies?  First year growing them and they've blown me away with their beauty.  So fancy and so fleeting.  

If you love Mad Men, you need to see this

Molly's street food. 

This roasted pineapple ice cream has my name all over it. 

This post cracked me up and was highly applicable, but there's no way in hell I will ever raise chickens. 

I'm hoping to have a bumper crop of kale just so I can make this

Butter. Made at home. 

Coconut milk and quinoa.  Cool.

I want this T-shirt 

Julie's Panna Cotta.  I've a fear of gelatin but will conquer it for this!

Nora Ephron's List.  What's on yours?  


  1. Thank you for the poppy pictures! They were my favorite part about my trip to Vancouver last year. Love them! And sad about Nora Ephron... but making my own list feels too morbid right now.

  2. Love your list. Oh, I'm a huge Mad Man fan as well. Thanks for the link. Roasted pineapple ice cream sounds delish. Your poppies are gorgeous. We can only grow them in the Spring here in South Texas. Have a great weekend!

  3. Those flowers are stunning. Have a good vacation!

  4. Beautiful garden pics! I sadly am living in an apartment right now so my balcony is overflowing with pots of veggies and flowers! We've gotta make do with what we have, right? ;)



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