Friday, January 10, 2014

Favourites For A New Year

Ten days in and I hope your new year is off to the grandest of starts.  I've been trapped in the deepest deep freeze ever (-50 with the wind really is a thing!), but unlike previous years when I wallow and complain and throw myself into a why-do-I-live-here tantrum, this year I'm pretty chill (horrible pun intended).  No, I haven't been abducted by aliens, but I am going somewhere decidedly warmer tomorrow.  Phoenix, look out.  I'm coming for you.  A combination work-play trip, I'm ever so happy to shed my layers and cumbersome parka in exchange for swimsuit and summer skirts.  Yeah, I'm totally grinning right now.  I haven't had a warm winter vacay in ten (10!) years, and it's about time. I'll only be gone a week, but it's sure to be jam packed with fun times. Who knows, I may even acquire one of those things called tans, says the girl who never tans

I wanted my first post of 2014 to be something yummy and healthy, but wouldn't you know it none of the recipes I tried really did much for me.  Hence, I won't waste your time telling you about it.  Instead I've put together a little list of stuff I'm pretty excited about.  I'll return later this month with stories and hopefully a recipe or two.  If you know of anything I absolutely must see while I'm in the Phoenix area, leave me a note in the comments.  Stay warm, friends.  xoxo Renée

I've been a huge fan of Linda's Instagram feed forever, and her blog knocks my socks off, too.  

This, just to give your heart a good tug today. 

Get your date fix here. 

So true.  Only my mom's number is memorized.

Squash pie.  Oh my!

Michelangelo's grocery list.  Doodles!

Good Lord.  I haven't read any of these. 

GIRLS!  Sunday night!  Will you be watching?

Tina & Amy!  Sunday night!  Will you be watching?

This song, stuck in the head.

So fortunate to have an advance copy of this.  Will no doubt devour it while in-flight.

Super excited to see this and this.

Turmeric is super good for you.  I drink this tea every morning to keep the icky flu bug away.
So far it's working! 

Yeah, they get milk.


  1. have a good trip! enjoy the warm - although it's gonna be pretty nice here too...

  2. Happy New Year! (As I type this with tears rolling down my face. Laurie's tribute to Lou slayed me.)

  3. When it's -50º (!!!) outside, thank goodness for favourites lists, fluffy sock slippers and furry purring cats.


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