Friday, May 1, 2020

Grilled Smokies and Easy Baked Beans

This is a sponsored post. While I was compensated financially, all opinions are my own. This is the seventh week of isolation for me. It feels like the time has slipped by, and yet February feels like ages and ages ago. I was talking with a friend today, and she mentioned how much she loved her life three months ago; how good she had it. I couldn’t agree more. Those were the days of hugging your friends, going for coffee spontaneously, and no one thought twice about going into the grocery store. I miss those days. I miss a lot of things. But with the longing for “the old ways” comes an acceptance for what is the new “normal”, and a whole lotta gratitude for the life I have. It’s not that bad. Everyone I love is safe and well. I have a fridge full of food. I' have a little bit of money in my bank account. And, I've got all the springtime feels. We’ve had a burst of heat here in Saskatoon and it can’t come at a better time. I’m so grateful that I have a huge yard to spend time in. Me and the cats go outside for at least a few hours every day. They climb trees, sniff every flower bed, and curl up in the patches of sunlight. I dig in the dirt, happy to see all of the green stuff poking out, then I take a break and sit in my chair and drink tea, grateful for the sun shining on my face, warming me up from the inside out. 

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