Friday, May 26, 2017

On The Road with All the Sweet Things, Plus Media Links!

Hey all!  I hope you're doing just splendidly on this fine late May day.  What a month it has been!  All the Sweet Things cookbook was been out in the world (officially) for 31 days, and what glorious days they have been.  I've hopped into my shiny new red car and driven over 2,000 Kms to Regina, Lloydminster, Calgary and Edmonton.  I've met sweet old friends along the way, and made plenty of new ones.  Thanks to all who came out to say hi, eat something sweet, buy a cookbook from me, and get it signed.  How I love scrawling my name into your book!  I'll never get tired of that.  I'm home now, taking a bit of a breather, then I hop a plane in two weeks and head to Toronto.  That's right, Toronto friends, I'm coming your way.  I hope to see you at Cookery on June 10th, around 4 pm.  Head to the bottom of this post for more details.  I'm so excited to be in your town!  Let's chat cookbooks and eat cookies and catch up, okay?

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