Friday, December 6, 2013

Wild Mushroom & Bacon Crostini

This is a sponsored post - I was compensated financially.  However, you know I wouldn't tell you about something unless I really loved it.  And I love me some mushrooms.  

Everyone loves a good appetizer - especially at this time of year.  Heck, sometimes appetizers are my dinner.  True story.  Mushrooms Canada asked me to create a recipe using, you guessed it, mushrooms, and what better way to taste their deliciousness than in an appetizer.  Now, I'm a terrible entertainer.  I always leave things to the last minute, and run around like a silly person doing my hair while sweeping the floor.  It's not pretty.  What I love best about this appetizer is that you can make it ahead - a bonus for bad entertainers like me.

I've cut back on the bacon lately.  Not because I've fallen out of love, but we just don't use it where I work, thus goes my 3 piece a day habit.  So, now bacon is a treat.  I buy it rarely but when I do I max out the flavour, saving the fat and frying up glorious creations.  That's kind of what I did here...fried the bacon, then tossed theonions, garlic and mushrooms in the fat.  You can smell it already, can't you?  'Tis the season to be a little boozy, so I deglazed the pan with brandy, added a little cream and let it thicken up nicely.  Spooned over warm, crispy baguette slices just kissed with a little olive oil, it's an appetizer of gigantic proportions.  If saving time is your jam, prepare filling ahead then gently reheat when it comes to party time.  Done and done.  Garnish with pea shoots or parsley, pass around on your prettiest tray and don't forget to be jolly.

You can find the recipe here. 



  1. This sounds like a simple yet tasty treat, nice flavour combinations. Thanks for sharing! :)


  2. I love mushrooms as much as I love buttercream.

    No lie.

  3. At the farmers market this fall I couldn't get enough of all of the beautiful foraged wild mushrooms. Even the grocery stores have some beauties at times. These crostini of course are a perfect solution for the holidays.

  4. Sujatha - thank you!
    Movita - Sister from another mother!
    Val - There are wild morels around my sister's place; one of these years I'll have to go pick! This does make a treat appetizer, or in my case, light dinner :)


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