Saturday, December 12, 2015

Sweet Holiday Favourites and Glad Tidings!

This past week alone I've gone through almost five pounds of butter.  I guess you could say I'm back at recipe testing, AND baking up some favourite sweet things from holidays past.  I couldn't imagine Christmas without these Rosemary Oatmeal Shortbread, or these Brown Sugar Shortbread with Toblerone Chunks.  Last year I brought a tin of these White Chocolate & Rosemary Cranberry Blondies home to the family, and they were a surprise hit among the 6 and under crowd.  They'll be packed in my car again this year as I head home to see my fam jam in just 10 days.  I'm totally counting down the sleeps. 

Last weekend I did a really neat stop-motion video shoot with a local production company that is going to appear on the Sasktel blog very soon.  The crew took over my kitchen and we made videos of these Sparkling Cranberries and these Chocolate Shortbread with Cacao Nibs and Sea Salt.  It had been some time since I've tasted the shortbread, and oh my, I'm so glad I made them again this year.  Such depth of flavour!  So dangerous!  The cranberries are long gone - dropped into glasses of prosecco to celebrate the season.  They are so simple and so fun to have around the house.  I so can't wait to see how my recipes translate into video, and I'll for sure share a link when it's live. 

With all of these sweet things hanging around the house, I've been freezing them pretty much as soon as they cool down, and then packing them into some super cute seasonal Glad containers and freezer zipper bags.  And then I put them in a cooler outside to freeze, because the little freezer in my fridge is absolutely bursting.  If Santa is paying attention, I would very much like one of those apartment-size freezers.  Pretty please.  And feel free to help yourself to some shortbread in the cooler, while you're in the neighbourhood on the 25th. 

The few sweet things that I do leave out for myself, I cover with the festive and effective Press'n Seal wrap.  This stuff is tough!  Cats on the counter is a bit of an issue here.  What they do when I'm not looking....I don't even wanna know.  But, this Press'n Seal wrap is keeping them out of my treats, so hooray for that!   

Along with these tried and true sweet holiday favourites, I've been testing a whole bunch of new recipes that will be in the book.  Just think, in less than two years, they will be yours!  As I putter away most days in my kitchen, that's what I think about - how the process I'm going through now will one day be in beautiful book form, and you guys get to hold it in your hands.  I so can't wait for you  to bake all the things!  On second thought, Santa doesn't have to bring me anything this year.  I've got all that I've ever wanted.  And then some. 

Disclosure:  this is a sponsored post.  Glad compensated me financially and sent me product to try out.  All opinions are my own, and I wouldn't promote anything on these pages unless I really, really like it.   


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