Friday, November 9, 2012

Fall Favourites

Hi everyone!  I hope wherever you are right now you are enjoying these November days.  Currently, there's a raging blizzard outside my window so it feels like the dead of winter here in Saskatchewan, though technically still fall on the calender.  No recipe today, but as it's a three day weekend I'm hoping to start my Christmas baking - so keep your eyes peeled for something sweet coming your way soon.  There's still plenty to inspire you though, as I'm happy to share some stuff I've been loving lately.  So get cozy, brew some tea and have a most wonderful weekend. 
xoxo Renee

This blog makes me want to move to France.  Right now.
Given my current climate, I need a pair of these boots.

Picture hanging will never be the same again. 

Breakfast tart brilliance. 

This post is beautiful and sad and not just about ketchup.

Bacon + Caramel = Glory be!

My cats are so boring compared to these guys.  

Love these ladies.  So happy they are hosting the Golden Globes this year!

I haven't made a souffle since cooking school, but gosh darn it, I'm gonna go for this one.

Tis the season for sweet potatoes

The above pumpkin is going to turn into this. 

Bacon Jam.  For real.  

There will be some some sort of salted caramel/chocolate concoction happening this Christmas.

 Instagram pages are now available to check out on your computer. Follow along for more of my food adventures, the odd bit of cat cuteness, and scenes of snow. 

The best cookie jar.  

If Santa is paying attention, I would like this book, please.  

This blog makes me want to move to Ireland.  Right now. 

 That should tide you over for a bit!  I'll leave you with a few words from one of my favourite ladies.  
 "People who love to eat are always the best people." ~ Julia Child


  1. Great list Renee - I especially love the post not about ketchup. Stay warm!

  2. we're seeing sun after two days of snow so sorry for sending it your way! I hope you stay warm and come out the other side with batches and batches of cookies!

  3. Great list, Renee! I am freezing my buns off here in Colorado on this bitterly cold, snowy day. Here's to plenty of hot cocoa (with whiskey) to keep us warm!

  4. Wow- that breakfast tart looks amazing! Hope you enjoyed the long weekend and stayed warm and cozy baking!

  5. Sara, wasn't that post lovely? One of the best things I've read in awhile.
    Heather, thank you! The snow has ended and sun is back, and the sweet things are coming soon :)
    Jess, thank you, seems like you have similar weather too. Cheers to the hot cocoa :)
    Shelley, doesn't it look delicious? Can't wait to make it. I'm cozy here and everything is good :)

  6. Come over!!!!!! Thanks for the mention and love your blog! x


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