Friday, December 23, 2011

Sweet Tidings!

With just a couple of sleeps left before Santa makes his big appearance, I'd like to wish everyone a very Merry (and Bright!) Christmas and an absolutely lovely Holiday.  I hope you get to enjoy plenty of time with your loved ones, soaking in the JOY and WONDER that is all around.  Be gentle and excellent to each other.  xoxo Renee

And now, a few photos of what Christmas looks like around my house...

Vintage porcelaine even plays Silver Bells.  Got it for a steal a few years ago.

I love the mix of vintage and new ornaments.  And I sort of have a thing for birds/feathers!


A sweet Grandma knit those skates. 

I love my snow globe!  

Vintage Angel

Milk Glass collection, all glammed up.

May your hearts be light!


  1. Beautiful tree! And how much do I love your snow globe too. Merry Christmas Renee!!!

  2. Hey, for your ceramic tree, did you buy it with the lights all one colour? My late grandma made one for me, but all the lights are multi-coloured, and seeing yours makes me want one colour :)

  3. Your tree is gorgeous Renee!! Love the birds!

  4. Wow, you really get into the Christmas spirit. I'm so proud since I tend to be on the bah humbug side. Love the birds and feathers tree- so lovely! Have a wonderful holiday break!

  5. Thanks Sara and Stacy! Michelle, yes, the tree came in just the one colour. I totally love it!
    Shelley, have a wonderful holiday too :)


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