Friday, August 26, 2011

Scenery, Changing

The past couple of weeks have kinda kicked my ass physically (working way too much!), and emotionally (roller coaster boy drama!), so my upcoming vacation (like, starting tonight!) could not have come at a better time.  A change of scenery does a girl good, now and then.  I'm not going very far, for very long; just visiting old friends and favourite cousins.  Heck, I may even go for a ride in a tractor.  (You just never know what I'll get up to, but my camera is never far from hand so there could be documentation of said tractor ride.)  There are no recipes in this post (if you've ever worked in an extremely hot, busy kitchen, you know why), just some of my favourite photographs of the garden this summer.  I'm leaving it behind for a little while, knowing full well it's going to be an absolute jungle when I get back.  There is currently a yellow zucchini explosion, that frankly scares me a bit.  You know you'll be bombarded with zucchini recipes in the future - just a heads up.   Time to pack, and arrange for someone to water the tomatoes while I'm gone.  See you soon!

Peas, in a pod

Rainbow chard

Blue, blue delphinium 

Squash blossom #1

Squash blossom #2



Beans and Toes!

Calendula, everywhere

First haul of Yukon gold

At its peak

Sunflowers, everywhere

First tomato.  It fell off its stem prematurely!

 Purple Coneflower (my absolute favourite!)


  1. have fun Renee. you deserve it!

  2. Beautiful garden! You lucky duck. Have a fabulous vacation and get some rest!

  3. Your garden is fabulous. Enjoy!!!

  4. Wow Renee, beautiful garden...I look forward to your recipes using this fresh ingredients :-)
    Hope you are having a great week :-)

  5. Thanks everyone! I've had a lovely week off; lots of rest, lots of eating excellent food!

  6. I'm loving seeing the garden so productive! I can't wait for summer!


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