Saturday, March 19, 2011

In Gratitude

I'm a lucky girl.
I count little blessings everyday.  There is so much to be grateful for, some days I can't stand it. 
So as horrific events in Japan unfold,  like everyone else, I'm left here wondering what I can do.  Besides send aid and positive thoughts, not much.  Listening to news reports of more explosions and the possibility of plutonium being released into the atmosphere only freaks me out more.  And then I wonder, should I even be writing about food at this time?  Does it really matter how awesome my big salad is, and does anyone care if I wax poetic about these perfect red velvet cupcakes?  Is it acceptable to be writing about food when there are terrible, terrible tragedies unfolding in Japan?

Whenever there have been tragedies (the big, and the little) in my life, there has always been food.  People gather in kitchens to talk lovingly about those who passed.  They bring casseroles to your door when you are too heartbroken to cook.  Once upon a time I had sweet sweet friends throw me a surprise dinner party, simply to cheer me up, and it was a night I'll never forget.  Food is comfort, and in dark days, even more so.  I tend to be a bit of worry wort by nature and I find I feel a million times better if I spend time in the kitchen, baking little muffins, or in the big bad situations, baking bread or something that takes more effort.  In the end it's not even about eating, it's about the distraction.  For that small time I've forgotten what it is that's troubling me.  Sometimes it takes a tragedy to make you appreciate what you have. I hug loved ones a little tighter.  I tell my mom I love her.  I write a letter to a friend I haven't seen in so long I almost forget what her face looks like.  I put the tea kettle on, brew up my favourite Japanese Sencha (Kyoto Cherry Rose), and send positive thoughts to those far far away. 


  1. So thoughtful and well said! It is hard to go about your every day life right now knowing there is so much suffering. A few of us Austin bloggers are putting together a bake sale to benefit Japan:
    The idea came from an effort in San Francisco. Perhaps some bloggers in your area would be interested in doing one as well?

  2. Thanks Shelley! A bake sale is a fantastic idea. I'll check into seeing if there is something similar happening here in Saskatoon.


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