Saturday, October 8, 2016

A Thanksgiving Weekend of Fall Favourites

Good gracious, is it me or is this year flying by?   Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend, and yes, we've had our first flakes of snow fall here in Saskatoon.  I see you shudder with disbelief.  Now you know how I feel!  Flannel sheets are now on the bed, and the furnace is now my friend.  Which reminds me, I need to change the filters.  Fall house maintenance.  It's a thing.  Next up is raking all of the leaves (once the snow melts) and my fella has offered to clean out my eaves for me.  What a guy.  There may just be an apple fritter in it for him.  That's right.  I said apple fritters!  I made them recently for an article I was writing and they were so delicious they left me without coherent words.  Only sounds of complete and utter satisfaction were able to leave my lips.  Tasty treats, those apple fritters.  Find the recipe here.

Last month I visited my mom a visit and we made cabbage rolls.  Well, she made the cabbage rolls and I took photographs and asked questions.  The recipe is here, and don't forget to serve them with sour cream!

If you can still find some fresh corn, I highly suggest making this oven roasted creamed corn.  It's so delicious (butter! cream!) and a great way to preserve it for the winter months.

Everyone loves macaroni and cheese and I sneaked in some roasted squash for a bit of a healthy twist.  There's still loads of cheese, but hey, squash is good for you!  Find the recipe here.

Do you still have too many zucchini?  Make relish!  All of the jars are gone and now I'm sad.  I need to make more!

And, you can't have Thanksgiving without something pumpkin.  I made tiramisu for those non-pie lovers like myself.  Dreamy stuff!

If you're celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend, have the best time and remember there is no such thing as too much gravy.  I know my heart is full with so much gratitude for all of the wonderful things in my life.  Between the cookbook, and the love of my life, and everything in between, there is so much to be thankful for, today and all of the days.
xoxo Renée

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