Friday, July 8, 2011

Just a Few Favourite Things...

It's smokin' hot here in Saskatoon (finally!) and if I'm not working or gardening, I've been out playing...So this post is a random round-up of stuff that I'm kind of loving right now...crazy gorgeous lilies, no?

Out In My Garden

Shasta Daisies make me happy!

Alliums, especially gorgeous this year.

Icelandic Poppies, so pretty! 

Food and Drink Around Saskatoon

If you find yourself downtown Saskatoon, head over to Flint, and grab something cool and frothy alongside their tapas....Shan and I ducked in there before we saw the Tegan and Sara show, and my oh my we loved their selection of cheeses (the smoked applewood cheddar is super awesome!), meats and sides.  All served with your very own loaf of fresh crusty bread.    

When the urge hits for fantastic dim sum, look no further than Yip Hong.  Amazing shrimp cakes and pork dumplings.  We were especially fond of the steamed coconut buns.  Get there early or be prepared to stand and wait.  It's that good.  

For days when you are too hot and lazy to make your own Sangria, crack open a bottle of this stuff:  Aromas de Turis, Spain.   Pretty decent at an excellent price - $12/bottle.  

 I'm Dying to Make...

Always a fan of strawberry shortcake, I can't seem to get this one from Orangette out of my head.

And this pizza, has all of my favourite things on top.  Grilled peaches?  Hells yeah. 

Julie made bacon jam.  Not sure what I'll do with it, but I know I need it in my life.  Pronto!

Shelley is always baking up extraordinary things, but this cobbler caught my eye and won't let go.  

As soon as BC peaches come to town, I know I'll be making this upside down cake from Zoe. 

Now that the thermometer is going through the roof, this iced coffee is the only way to get caffeine!

Summer Anthems and the Best Book Ever

My gorgeous friend Stacy Lee is always keeping me up to date on the best music.  She passed this song on to me and it's kind of become the anthem to my summer.  Cute boys to boot!

Lucinda Williams.  Love her, and this song.  Oh Buttercup. 

REM put out a really great album in the spring, and this song says it all.  Sounds a lot like their earlier stuff from the mid '80s and '90s.  Love!

So the best book I ever read.  Big words, but this book lives up to them.  "One Day" by David Nicholls.  Get your bad selves to the book store and read it this summer.  Soon, before the movie comes out and ruins it for you.  Anne Hathaway is in it so maybe it won't suck 100%, but DO read the book.  I've been finished reading it for a few days now and I'm STILL thinking about it.  I almost need a support group to talk about the ending.  Seriously.  If you've read it, let me know your thoughts!!!

And Finally...

Sunny with the right idea of finding shade wherever you can!


  1. looks like your having a great summer!

  2. I love Lucinda Williams too, and you garden looks lovely Renee!

  3. lovely flowers
    i like all the things
    non voice projects

  4. Great post Renee....the cat looks happy too!!

  5. Oh that Tapas looks sooo good!! Thanks for the shout out as well- you are too kind!

  6. Ashley - I'm having a great summer, so far! Darcey, Lucinda does indeed rock. Thanks, Elena and Candus - the cat is pretty spoiled if anything. Stacy, the tapas was sooooo gooood, and you are welcome :)


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